It takes a high energy photographer to shoot musicians and concerts. Photographing musicians often means shooting from within the midst of a rowdy crowd or while along for the ride on a packed tour or event. And when an artist is your client, there are special expectations on you to create images that convey not only the personality of the performers but also the vibe of their music. Whether you’re shooting for a magazine feature, blog or an album cover, the photos you take of a musician become an important part of their public persona. Toni captures both behind the scenes energy and styled editorial shoots with ease. Her portfolio focuses on concert and live event shots, with a variety of boldly colorful and motion-filled work. Music festivals and event portraits are a frequent focus of her photography, which tends to have a strong narrative of candid’s and behind the scenes excitement. Frankenfield keeps the music section of her portfolio separate from her other portrait work for easy navigation.

“If you want to see a better world, change the lens through which you see it and do the work to make it better.”