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september, 2022


Matt Day

Matt Day

Student Of Music

I had my first piano lesson at the age of 5.  Little did I know that I had started a musical journey that would last a lifetime.  Piano led to violin and clarinet, which led to mallet percussion and drums, then bass and guitar and of course voice.
My parents were always very supportive of my music. Mom played the clarinet beautifully and Dad was a DJ. I had a lot of great teachers; piano, guitar, drums and voice. And school took me through band, orchestra, choir and even jazz band, show choir and musical theater. But I think it was Dad’s record collection that probably had the biggest inspirational impact.
Rock music sucked me in. So much musical magic was created through the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. 70’s Progressive and Arena Rock were my favorites, but I like a little bit of everything. Just sitting in that room and placing that little needle onto that circular piece of vinyl, the sound surrounded me I was transported to out of this world places. I’m still trying to find them now.



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