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Flirtin with disaster

From Stephanic fest 2005. The boys rippin up the stage with this Molly Hatchet classic.

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Lloyd Gray

Mega Vocal Pipes / Guitar Wizard

Lloyd Gray started playing the guitar in 1968 with various boring teachers and gave it up. A few years and chords later, This anti social reject found the key to be around people without actually having to be part of a social construct thru LIVE PERFORMANCE! The chicks dug it too. Lloyd has rocked NW PA in too many bands to count but the Shotgun Murphy band was probably the best known. Other bands include Grand Theft Audio, the original Movies, the Movies 2.0 and Nomad. In 1994, the Lloyd Gray Band recorded 2 original inspirational rock albums and played several dates from Pittsburgh to Erie. Today, Lloyd is reforming Shotgun Murphy Band with original members Mike Stephanic and Mike Dreier adding the very talented Evan Gerg to hold Lloyd up from falling over. Lloyd is a dyed in the wool classic hard rock guitarist and the Shotgun Murphy Band will still deliver the same hard classic rock and in your face “Scream Drink!” party attitude but with a twist. We will play the great sing along hits the chicks love! Beeecause, where the hotties go, the men will follow with dem wallets the bar brings in money and we get to keep Live music alive! Don’t be fooled though. One minute it’s Summer of 69 then BAM! Stranglehold baby. Stay tuned. This COVID bullshit cannot ruin our weekend tradition of getting out with our friends and having the good time we worked our asses off for all week. It just Can’t. That’s why this site exists. Please check out my facebook group Excellent Homegrown Jams. It’s where the memories of our great live performers live. Live Videos, memorabilia, photos. Join today. Put up your own memories. This area right here contains some of the very best players in the region and I’m blessed to memorialize it for all time. With much love – Lloyd

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