Featured Artists

Brandon Giuffre Acoustified

Brandon Giuffre has been commited to promoting live music in the area for over 30 years. From bands, to solo acts to everything in between, he has been a main stay in the music community and continues to hone his skills and grow as a musician.

He has the unique ability to adapt to almost any situation and thus coins himself as ” The Best Mugician In The World”!

Matt day Music

I had my first piano lesson at the age of 5.  Little did I know that I had started a musical journey that would last a lifetime.  Piano led to violin and clarinet, which led to mallet percussion and drums, then bass and guitar and of course voice.
My parents were always very supportive of my music. Mom played the clarinet beautifully and Dad was a DJ. I had a lot of great teachers; piano, guitar, drums and voice. And school took me through band, orchestra, choir and even jazz band, show choir and musical theater. But I think it was Dad’s record collection that probably had the biggest inspirational impact.

Kurt Thomas One Man Band

In addition to performing as a band member for most of his life, Kurt is a triple threat. In addition to his adept guitar playing skills, vocal abilities and stage performance showmanship, he is able to play a variety of other instruments. Combining this with home recording, he creates music tracks to enhance his shows. Kurt has been honing and sharing his one man show for many years.

Rickie Frantz

Signal Corp U.S Army, DTK, Chaos, Solo Accoustic

Alex Haines

Alex Haines is a singer/guitarist from DuBois, Pa. He recently completed his studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, earning a B.F.A. degree in Music Performance. He is currently playing several shows around the DuBois area, and also working in audio production to create multi-track recording of his setlist. He is also an accomplished drummer.

Dos Hombres

Born in the year 2000 in the Band “Back Alley”, we found a demand for small venue entertainment and the rest is legend. We have so many songs that we play what any audience wants to hear. We have been blessed to have been so busy for so many years. We have met so many nice people and have had so much fun. Dos Hombres Acoustic Duo in DuBois.